Toni Navarro borns like an artist in Barcelona where he studied image in the University of Catalonia, later interested on art was friend of the artist Josep Maria Rosselló, helping him in his estudio for years on the normal activities like move things or helping him like an old school pupil. On that time Toni was not interested on painting but Rosselló introduce him in this art.

His work is infused with an interest in the subject, between abstraction and calligraphic symbol inheritance obtained from European informalism. The spontaneity of the gesture and the absence of preconceived ideas is a constant in his work, mixing photographic collage and film.

«Capping creation would be a coward act. And this is where Toni opens his wings and fly border reinventing his view. Always the image. His humanistic perception combines the birth of an author who has, and, standing master «. Carlos Izquierdo (journalist and writer).
«In his works revealed archaic and urban european influences, is the result of constant experimentation, research shared with other means of expression such as photography and cinema.» Josep M. Rosselló (artist).

«He destroy to rebuild.» Josep Royo (artist worker with Joan Miró).

«Overall, it is a work that stands out for its commitment and courage.» Antonio Salcedo Millani (art critic).


Tropical Flower

Acrylic on canvas.
Acrílico sobre lienzo.


Floral Beauty

Acrylic on canvas.
Acrílico sobre lienzo.


Floral Dream

Acrylic on canvas.
Acrílico sobre lienzo.


La Femme fatal.

Acrylic on canvas. 65 cms x 54 cms
Acrílico sobre lienzo. 65 cms x 54 cms

La herida.

Acrylic on canvas.  55 cms x 46cms
Acrílico sobre lienzo. 55 cms x 46cms


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